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Screw the office, the conference calls and the water-cooler jokes, and thank God for the Civic Holiday.

On Monday, August 6th, it's time to live your long weekend to its fullest potential and give yourself the best treat a man can get: 60-minutes of unbridled passion.

Just choose which Finch Flirt tickles your fancy, and bask in the sensation of tangled limbs and a lil' skin on skin, for only $210-inclusive.

What's something you've always wanted, but just couldn't have? Was it a feisty blonde? A bodacious brunette? A ravenous redhead? Or all three?

On Friday, August 17th, you don't have to choose.

In three 20-minute intervals with three Finch Flirts of your choosing, it's time to hop on the only ride you've ever wanted for only $200-inclusive.

In a maze of mirrors, a hall of illusions, ask yourself: do your eyes deceive you? Are those two hands? Or four? Two lips, or one?

On Wednesdsay, August 22nd, come and play a devilish game.

Choose two Finch Flirts and, in a 30-minute duo session for $190-inclusive, watch their bodies twist, their lips kiss and their tongues lick. Spoiler Alert: It's not smoke and mirrors.

On Thursday, August 30th, it's time to treat yo' self like you mean it.

For the promotional price of $140-inclusive, we're offering a 40-minute stay with one of our tantalizingly talented Finch Flirts.

So, come for the deal and stay for the feel of one of our Finch Flirts slithering and sliding you to relaxation.


National work like a dog day
Sunday Aug 5th - You’ve been working extra hard so when you come in to flirt VP today we will add an extra credit to your loyalty card.
Senior Citizens Day
Tuesday Aug 21st - Clients 55 and over will receive 40 minutes for $150 today at Flirt VP
Start your day with a smile!
Saturday Aug 11th - When you come to Flirt VP today between 9am-4pm receive a 60 minute session for just $220.
International “eat a peach day”!
Wed Aug 22nd - Come by Flirt VP today to see who has the juiciest and tasty peach.

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Come and be treated by the most exotic women of Toronto for an exclusive and private massage session. Take away all of the cares of your day and put yourself in the hands of our professional treatment specialists. They will bring you to a place in your mind that all the stress of the day will wash away and you will leave feeling like a new man. Call Flirt Spa today to book your appointment or you are welcome to just drop in and see who’s working and if you find that connection.