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Flirt Spa's Wickedly Wonderful Halloween!

On Halloween, anything can happen. Skirts get shorter, tops get lower, dresses get tighter, and everyone’s devilish side comes out to play. From Monday, October 29th to Wednesday the 31st, join us at both Flirt Spa locations for a week of fiction and fantasy – where Wonder Woman can tangle you in her lasso of seduction and Little Bo Peep hold on to your big staff.  Our fleet of Flirts will be dressed up in their most haunting of Halloween outfits, waiting for you to give them a but of your Halloween spirit. 

But it wouldn’t be Halloween with a little trick, or treat – would it? Don’t worry, boys… we’ve got something up our skirts.

On Wednesday, October 31st, we’ve got everything you need to celebrate Hallow’s Eve. With both locations serving refreshments, you can also enter yourself into our raffles for some big prizes. Raptors tickets, anyone? Or how about some Leafs tickets? But, that’s not the best part… When you enjoy a session with any of our Flirts, we’ll give you a complimentary door fee voucher for your next 30-min session. Told you we had some treats.


A Very Flirty Feast

It's time to feast your eyes on your Thanksgiving prize – a delectable treat that's just oh so sweet.

On Monday, October 8th, join us at Finch Flirt, where you can have your cake and eat it too with a 60-minute session for only $210 inclusive.

Finch Flirt's Boss Day

The late nights, the tiresome mornings – it's hard being the big kahuna.

That's why, on Tuesday, October 16th, we want you to put your feet up and take a moment to indulge in the finer things: a candlelit room, a sensual massage, the twisted tango of limbs.

For only $140-inclusive, treat yourself to a 40-minute session as live on the side of luxury.

The Dreamy Trio

One is nice, two is better, three... well three is just a delicious delight!

On Friday, October 26th, choose three of your favorite Finch Flirts for a roulette of sweet, savory and spicy – or whatever flavors you'd like – for a 60-minute, mind blowing Sampler session.

In intervals of twenty-minutes with each feisty flirt, things are about to get a bit sticky.


Body Language Day

Friday October 5th

International body language day Let our flirts show off their skills and receive an extra credit on your loyalty card
Curious Events Day

Tuesday October 9th

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to be dominated by a beautiful woman, then today is the day to take the plunge.

Upgrade your session to include domination for no extra charge.
National Dessert Day

Sunday October 14th

Come for the icing, cream and the cherry.

Enjoy a 40 min session for $150 all-inclusive. Have your cake and eat her it too.

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