XXXMas Promos –

Christmas at Flirt 2018

After a long and careful review of our Christmas parties of the past, we have decided that we will not be holding a Christmas party this year. We wanted to get back to what was always Flirt’s driving force behind our parties – which is showing our appreciation to our loyal clients who have supported us all year long.  Unfortunately over the years it seems less and less of our clientele  are able to make it to the party and in turn aren’t the ones benefiting from our generous promotions.

We wanted to bring it back to YOU and make sure that every one of you have an opportunity to take part and benefit!

We have carefully crafted an incredible 12 Days of XXXMas Promos and we know there is something for everyone!  In keeping with the holiday spirit of giving, I hope you will join us in our first ever Food drive and of course our annual Toy drive!

We are excited to express our thanks to you throughout our….


12 Days of XXX-MAS

… On the FLIRT day of XXX-MAS

Whether you’ve been a little naughty, or a whole lot nice – we’ve got a little something for you in Flirt’s XXX-mas stocking. Stay for a session on December 13th, and get a mystery discount card for your next session from Santa’s bag of goodies.

… On the second day of XXX-MAS

Oh come all ye’ faithful! Things are about to get joyful and… triumphant. On December 14th, we want you to spread your holiday cheer all over us during a 60-minute session for $200-inclusive.

… On the third day of XXX-MAS

Imagine being whisked away to a luxurious getaway with you and one of our dazzling Flirts, leaving the cold winter behind you. On December 15th, we’ve got the next best thing. When you enjoy a session with any of our holiday hotties, you’ll be entered to win a flirt VIP Jacuzzi session, valued at over $300!

… On the fourth day of XXX-MAS

Us Flirts love a big… heart! On December 16th, it’s time to give a little (and get a lot)! Bring an unwrapped toy for our Flirt Toy Drive, and you’ll get a 30-minute session door fee for free!

… On the fifth day of XXX-MAS

Baby, it’s cold outside – and what better way to keep warm than a spa package to get you through those long, winter days? On December 17th, get a six-session package for only $200, and say goodbye to those long, lonely winter nights.
*Package include six thirty-minute session door fees.

… On the sixth day of XXX-MAS

Get yourself the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of relaxation and luxury… times two! Stay for any length of session on December 18th, and receive a session credit to be applied to any session from February 1st to 28th

… On the seventh day of XXX-MAS

The lights dim, the egg nog is flowing and on December 19th, all inhibitions are out the window. It’s time for those bells to jingle and those chestnuts to get a little toasty as you wait and see which of our insatiable Flirts has the best kiss under the spellbinding mistletoe. Are you ready to cast your vote and choose the best kiss?

… On the eighth day of XXX-MAS

‘Tis the season to treat yo’ self! And on the second day of XXX-mas, our fleet of Flirts are giving you a 30-min session for only $100-inclusive. On December 20th, come in and give yourself a the pre-holiday treat you deserve.

… On the ninth day of XXX-MAS

Hoe, hoe, hoe! This year, it’s time for Santa to sit on your lap. On December 21st, we’re making a list and checking it twice, and we’re going to find out if you’ve been naughty or nice. So come join us at both Flirt locations, where our fleet of Flirts will be dressed up in their sexiest Santa Claus outfits.

… On the tenth day of XXX-MAS

Are you a gambling man? Because it’s time to win the only gift you really want under your tree… for free! On December 22nd, stay for a steamy session with any of our fiery Flirts and you’ll be entered to win one year of free door fees.

… On the eleventh day of XXX-MAS

Breast or thigh? White or dark? Whatever your flavour, these turkeys need to be stuffed. On December 23rd, we want you to have your turkey… and eat it too. For every can of food you bring in to donate, you’ll receive a raffle ticket to be entered in the ultimate draw to win $400 Flirt dollars!

… On the twelfth day of XXX-MAS

Want a holiday treat that’s just so sweet? Or do you prefer a little spice? Enjoy a 40-minute sensational session for $140-inclusive on December 24th, and keep yourself extra warm on a long winter day.

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