Couples Massage –

Couples Sessions

This session is perfect for couples looking to explore, excite and reignite! Our Flirts are specially trained in the art of massaging and opening doors for couples. It is truly the perfect, and pressure-free way to expand your intimate horizons with your partner. This sensually charged experience is available to suit the fantasies and desires of each couple. Prior to your session, you will have a brief consultation with your desired Flirt(s) to ensure boundaries and expectations are established and that everyone is comfortable. Couples sessions are available with one Flirt or two, and using a single massage bed or two. Flirt will ensure that your couples session becomes a perfect mind blowing reality!

All Inclusive Rates:
  • 45 minutes with 1 Flirt $240
  • 45 minutes with 2 Flirts $360
  • 60 minutes with 1 Flirt $320
  • 60 minutes with 2 Flirts $480