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Duos Massage

Flirt Sampler

Can't decide who to see? Why not try our Sampler session

In the world of fine French dining, the Flirt Sampler is a small sampling of appetizers to display the Chef’s talents. At Flirt, The Sampler is a series of shorter sessions with a variety of ladies. Allowing you to sample the delicacies available at Flirt! Three gorgeous Flirts, yours to savour individually for twenty minutes each, providing a total of one hour of tripled enjoyment! Your experience will be heightened as the Flirts skillfully transition from one to the other. This session really needs a warning - it is dangerously addictive!

All inclusive Rate:
  • 60 minutes with 3 Flirts of your choosing for 20 minutes each $240

Flirt Fling

Who is your favourite Flirt? Would you like to see her with her girlfriend? The Flirt Fling session is a unique twist on every man's ultimate experience.

Flirt Fling gives you quality private massage time with your favourite Flirt, and then after 15 minutes of relaxing fun, her gorgeous friend will join you for the added exotic pleasure of 4 hands! After the two ladies have enjoyed each other and you, your first Flirt will excuse herself, leaving you alone to get to know her special friend. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Distinctly different from traditional duos, the Flirt Fling session is all about you exploring and indulging.

  • 45 minutes 3-15 minute intervals with 2 Flirts $210
  • 60 minutes 3-20 minute intervals with 2 Flirts $280
  • 60 minutes 3-20 minute intervals with 2 Flirts with a Nuru mat and Nuru gel $350


Be honest - you have long desired this experience.... You and two stunning women in exotic exploration. Each session can be custom tailored to suit your desires. The possibilities are endless!

All inclusive Rates:
  • 30 minutes $220
  • 45 minutes $330
  • 60 minutes $440

Couples Sessions

This session is perfect for couples looking to explore, excite and reignite! Our Flirts are specially trained in the art of massaging and opening doors for couples. It is truly the perfect, and pressure-free way to expand your intimate horizons with your partner. This sensually charged experience is available to suit the fantasies and desires of each couple. Prior to your session, you will have a brief consultation with your desired Flirt(s) to ensure boundaries and expectations are established and that everyone is comfortable. Couples sessions are available with one Flirt or two, and using a single massage bed or two. Flirt will ensure that your couples session becomes a perfect mind blowing reality!

All Inclusive Rates:
  • 45 minutes with 1 Flirt $240
  • 45 minutes with 2 Flirts $360
  • 60 minutes with 1 Flirt $320
  • 60 minutes with 2 Flirts $480