Nuru Massage –

Nuru Massage

Nuru sessions require pre-booking, as we will need to prepare. Upon arrival at the spa you will be shown to your room. The prescribed fee will be collected and your attendant will immediately join you in the room. Your attendant will inquire if you would like to begin your session with a deep therapeutic massage or a strictly Nuru experience. Due to the super slippery properties of the Nuru gel, it is impossible to use the Nuru gel to achieve a deep tissue style massage and as such, if a deep therapeutic massage is desired, our standard mineral oil will be used, and your attendant will ask you to have a quick rinse off afterwards to fully enjoy the properties of the Nuru gel.

Please keep in mind that drying off too much is discouraged, as the moisture from your shower will only intensify the Nuru gels's performance. Your attendant will prepare the glorious Nuru gel and your most memorable session will begin. Nuru Sessions are available both on the massage bed as well as a Nuru style mat, or if you wish a combination of the two. Both offer impermeable vinyl surfaces and will be disinfected in your presence to ensure cleanliness. The Nuru mat allows for a multitude of new and exciting sensations both visually and physically. The use of the Nuru mat will allow for strokes and techniques never experienced before! Nuru sessions are completely unrushed, and allow for customizing, innovation and flexibility. This unique and exhilarating session will leave you needing a few minutes to relax and get ready to leave feeling rejuvenated and rewarded.

Please note: Flirt's Nuru massage does not include nor provide sex, Please do not expect or request services that may be depicted in Nuru massage videos found on-line.